Indoor Facility Rules

These guidelines pertain to use of the WWLL Indoor Facility by WWLL teams. Individual use and use by teams not affiliated with WWLL have additional use guidelines.  The Indoor Facility is used extensively in the late winter and early spring.  The following rules outline the various time periods and the frequency that teams can reserve the facility.  Please note that the WWLL Board may alter the dates based on when the WWLL starts the season.

  • Priority use will be given to WWLL programs and teams.
  • Reservations and availability are displayed on the WWLL website on the Indoor Facility calendar.
  • Teams must make reservations to use the facility. Email your league coordinator and the Indoor Facility Coordinator ([email protected]) for reservations
  • During pre-season,space will be limited and a priority given to older age groups in WWLL.
  • Reservations are generally made in one hour increments starting at the top of the hour (during the off season, this guideline may be relaxed)
  • If Power Pitching and Hitting has a training session, one tunnel should be made available if needed by the trainer
  • If an individual wants to use the facility during a team session, the team can try to make space for the individual user however, the team has priority in the space

  • Do not allow use of bats outside the tee boxes or batting tunnels.
  • Do not use the equipment for a purpose other than it is intended.
  • Do not allow children to setup a pitching machine.
  • Always test a pitching machine before allowing child into the tunnel.
  • Do not allow children to operate a pitching machine without direct adult supervision.

General Use
  • The facility is open 8:30 AM to 11 PM daily.
  • Access the facility using your swipe card.  You must swipe every time.
  • New key fob cost will be $10.  Key fobs will not be issued until facility use has been paid for via the WWLL Website or WWLL Venmo Account.  Travel Teams/Private Teams/WWLL Teams will be given security access to the indoor facility via key fob and 5 Digit Code Access.  Individuals will be given access to the indoor facility via key fob only.  If it is found that key fob or digital access codes are given to another team or individual for use, you will forfeit your team and individual rights to utilize the facility going forward and give up all remaining team cost paid and individual swipes paid up to that point.  
  • Individual swipe purchases expire after 12 months and are not transferable. 
  • Inspect the facility for safety issues prior to allowing the children to use any equipment.
  • Do not use batting tees to hold open doors or hold back nets. This equipment is very expensive andcan be damaged from improper use.
  • All balls and equipment must be cleaned up after use and within the reserved time slot.
  • The league will deny access to the facility to an individual or team that does not properly cleanupafter using the facility.
  • No food or beverages other than water/sports drink are allowed in the facility.
  • Use the trash and recycling cans provided in the facility.

Defined Time Periods
  • Peak Period – March 1 to start of spring rec season
  • Spring Rec Season –April 1 to middle of June
  • Summer Season – End of rec season through August
  • Fall Season – Sept 1 to Oct. 31
  • Offseason/Clinic Period– November 1 to February
  • A “week” is defined a Sunday to Saturday on the calendar when mentioned below.

Reservation Rules

Peak Period (March 1 to start of spring season):

  • No Clinics (Softball or Baseball)
  • Spring WWLL Teams
    • Can book up to 2 weeks in advance.
      • Majors (Softball and Baseball) – Can have 3 hours max per 2 week period on the calendar.  One weekday session permitted on calendar at a time, meaning you cannot book an additional weekday session until your weekday session is complete.
      • Minors (Softball and Baseball) – Can have 3 hours max per 2 week period on the calendar.  One weekday session permitted on calendar at a time, meaning you cannot book an additional weekday session until your weekday session is complete. (maximum of one weekday session per week).
      • AAA (Baseball and Softball) – Can have 1 hour per week max on the schedule, contingent on availability based on number of Majors and Minors teams.  No guaranteed time.
      • A and AA (Baseball), Rookies (Softball) – no guaranteed time
  • Travel Teams / Private Teams
    • Can book up to 2 weeks in advance.
    • Saturdays and Sundays – 1PM to 10PM
    • Weekdays 4pm-5pm slot or after 9PM.
    • Max of 1 hour per week.
    • May be limited to 1 hour per week depending on demand for travel team time slots.
    • Max of 1 time slot per weekend.
    • No more than 1 weeknight hour may be booked at any time
    • No more than 3 hours can be booked at any time (i.e., pending reservations)
  • Potential Block Outs for WWLL Workouts – Last weekend in January through end of February; Fridays –5PM to 9PM; Saturdays 9AM to 6PM, Sundays 9AM to 6PM
  • HS Softball and Baseball Winter Training– Starting Jan 1, 9PM, Mondays thru Thursdays (total of 4 teams assumed).

Spring Rec Season (April 1 to end of Rec Season):

  • No Clinics (Softball or Baseball)
  • Travel Teams / Private Teams
    • Can book up to 4 weeks in advance
    • Max. of 2 hours per week
    • Limited to 1 weeknight hour per week
  • Spring WWLL Teams
    • Majors (Softball and Baseball)
      • 2 hour max per week
      • 3 hours max per two week period
    • Minors (Softball and Baseball)
      • 1 hour max per week
    • AAA (Baseball)
      • 1 hour per week max.
    • A and AA (Baseball), Rookies (Softball)
      • no guaranteed time
  • Time can be booked a maximum of 2 weeks in advance
  • The week is Sunday to Saturday
  • No more than 2 hours may be booked at any time (i.e., pending reservations)
  • Open slots can be booked by any team less than 24 hours in advance, notwithstanding any of the limitations above.

Offseason/Clinic Period (Nov. 1 to Feb. 29

  • Baseball Clinics (as scheduled) - Mondays and Tuesdays, 5:00 to 9:00
  • Softball Clinics (as scheduled) – Wednesdays and Fridays, 5:00 to 9:00
  • Travel Teams / Private Teams
    • A team can book up to 1 hour/week
  • Baseball will have one weekend day, Softball the other weekend day.  The times on those days are to be split among the travel managers at the discretion of the VP's of baseball and softball.
    • Can book up through Feb 29th at the VP of baseball and softball's discretion
    • Subject to being bumped (with 24 hour notice) for Clinics and Workouts.
    • Other times during the week or on the weekends that are open should be saved for others interested in booking (high school teams, older teams,individual card usage, etc) at the league president’s discretion.

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