Frequently Asked Questions

When are players assigned to a team?

Players may be asked to participate in player evaluations, depending on the division.  Following player evaluations, a draft will take place to assign players to teams. For those divisions not requiring player evaluations, team assignments take place approximately one month prior to opening day.

After the draft, coaches will call or email families to notify them of what team they have been assigned to.  They will provide you information about practice times and locations.  It is important to note that each coach sets the practice schedule for their team.

I have not been contacted by our team manager, what do I do?

Not all teams begin practice at the same time, so you may not have missed any activity.  If you have concerns, please email the division coordinator as it relates to your child.  Please refer to the Baseball Contacts or Softball Contacts page.

What will my child need in order to participate?

Your child should be prepared to bring sneakers or rubber cleats as well as a glove to all games and practices.  Shoes with metal spikes are not permitted. WWLL will provide a shirt, hat and socks for your child. The appropriate pants are baseball or softball pants – jeans and/or shorts are not appropriate attire. Boys will be required to wear athletic supporters. Gently used Gloves, Bats, Batting Helmets and Catchers Gear is available to participants if needed.  

What if I have a problem with my child’s Manager, Coach or other League official?

Please reach out to your Division Coordinator first for any concerns about your child’s team, coach or manager.  
If you still have concerns, please contact our Player Agent for a confidential discussion about any concerns.  Please see the Baseball Contacts or Softball Contacts page.  The Player agent is available at  [email protected]

What if I still have concerns after speaking to the Division coordinator and Player Agent?

Please reach out to the League President at [email protected].

Does WWLL provide Financial Assistance to families who cannot afford to pay?

Please contact the President at [email protected] for more information.  WWLL is able to help families due to the generosity of the Princeton Corridor Rotary.
What if I need a refund?
Refunds are made only prior to uniforms being ordered.  Refunds can be made in the form of a check or credit to your original credit card.  Refunds include a $25 administrative fee.

Who are Background Checks needed for?

All adults who wish to Manage, Coach or Volunteer in an administrative capacity must complete the Background Check through Little League and JDP.  Any other adults who will be involved in the league including Board of Directors must complete this Background Check information as well.  This includes anyone who will be in the dugout at any time during the season or who will participate on the field. 

What is the required Volunteer obligations?

Our league is run completely by volunteers. We rely on you to volunteer your time to succeed as a league. All families pay a $100 per child volunteer bond at registration. To earn back the $100, you must work (2) Volunteer Tasks and (1) Concession Shift at the Ward Concession Stand (for which there will be a separate sign-up.)

Managing or Coaching your child's team will count as One Volunteer Task. All Team Managers/Head Coaches will be exempt from Concession Stand Duty -- for the child they manage. Assistant Coaches will still be required to work a Concession Shift to earn back the bond.

Once your Two (2) Volunteer Tasks are complete and you have worked One (1) Shift at the Concession Stand, you will be refunded your $100. Bonds will be refunded 2-3 months following the end of the season.

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