Travel Team Policies

All teams must submit their insurance certificates. They must include the following names and locations: 
West Windsor Little League
248 North Post Road
West Windsor, NJ 08550

Locations: West Windsor Township Indoor Facility/West Windsor Community Park Fields at West Windsor Community Park, Plainsboro Township/Plainsboro Community Park 

All teams must submit their rosters with addresses included prior to field scheduling.  Costs for fields use could change depending on the makeup of the team.  Teams with more than 50% of kids who reside outside of West Windsor Little League will be charged a 50% premium. All age-eligible WWLL Boundary players on any travel team who wish to use the WWLL fields and/or facilities MUST register and participate fully in the WWLL Spring Season.  Failure to do so will preclude the team from access to any WWLL controlled field or facility. Exceptions to this rule may only be granted by a 2/3 vote of the Board of Directors.  

Field use will be a flat rate per season. 
-Spring Season, April 1 through June 30th - $750
-Fall Season, September 1 through October 31st - $750

If you plan/need to use the field beyond these dates, please reach out to WWLL. The flat fee covers the use of the fields at the RJ Ward Complex, West Windsor Community Park and Plainsboro Community Park.  WWLL reserves the sole right to determine field assignments.  The fee will also cover the use of paint/line machines, rakes, maintenance and fertilization/weed control as needed.  Schedule is done through the Field Coordinator - Vishu Kakarlapudi. 

Payment is required in FULL prior to any scheduling.  All previous fees must be paid prior to use of any fields. Failure to produce a roster will result in an increased Field Use Fee of $1,000 per team.  Failure to submit insurance will prevent teams from use of any fields. 

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