Iggy Cox Award

 The prestigious Ingy Cox Award is presented annually to one participant in each
Baseball and Softball Minors Divisions. The best way to describe the potential
candidates for this award is to review Ingy’s coach, Rick Petro’s story...

"Ingy was a boy who, as a very young kid had a heart transplant. This naturally
brought on many complications with which he struggled for many years. Ingy
died several years ago as a result of the battle that he had with those
complications. I coached Ingy for 2 years when he was 10 and 11. Ingy was
not a very athletic kid nor was he close to being the best kid on the team.
He was a kid with a lot of heart who never gave up. He was the kind of kid
that was always first to show for practice. He practiced harder that most
kids, never stopped trying, and always did what was necessary to help
his team win. He loved playing the game of baseball."

The real story: In AAA ball, Ingy injured his arm when hit by a pitch. He didn’t let on that the arm was really hurt and wouldn’t come out of the game. He stole a couple of bases and ended up scoring the winning run. The next practice, he showed up with his arm in a sling and was out for the rest of the playoffs. He continued to show up and coach the bases and cheer on his team.

Ingy passed away in January 1999.

The award is for someone who, regardless of ability, never stops trying, loves the game, and encourages his teammates to do better.

Award Winners:
2024 - Thomas Charles
2023 - Nico Rodriguez
2022 - Rocky Lu and Sarah Berliner
2021 -
2020 -
2019 -
2018 -
2017 - Olivia Jaeger and Christopher Schultz
2016 - Julia Chiang and Ethan Perrine
2014 - Marissa Whitney and Owen Diaz
2013 - Evan Chartock and Rachel Jaclin
2012 - Andrew Gregory and Jennifer Cortez
2011 - Willie Etheridge and MacKenzie Kramer
2010 - Matthew Vogt and Jacquelyn Cai
2009 - Daniel Grueneberg and Rachel Julius
2008 - Brian Starace & Courtney Skolka
2007 - Alex Lagana & Karlie Lombardi
2006 - Bradley Madden & Mariel Sullivan
2005 - Douglas Hall & Lyndsey Babcock
2004 - Tim Dwyer & Jenna Modi
2003 - George Connelly & Melissa Lichtman
2002 - Justin Robbins & Brae McQuade
2001 - Joe Murphy
2000 - Elizabeth Downes
1999 - Robby Girgenti

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