Medical Release Form

Team Managers must keep a completed signed copy of the medical release form with them at all WWLL sanctioned team events. Parents, please complete the medical release form using the link below and provide a copy to your Team Manager. 

Little League Medical Release Form

Accident Claim Form

Notification of a claim for an eligible member under the league’s accident Insurance should be filed with Little League International within 20 days of the incident. Once we receive the complete claim form, the claimant will be assigned a claim number for any information that is submitted for the accident. The claim form should be submitted as soon as possible so we can begin a record of the accident and then the claimant can submit all itemized bills (includes procedure and diagnosis codes) from the medical providers as well as any primary insurance explanation of benefits (if applicable) for any treatments for the accident. If you have any questions contact the Safety Officer at  [email protected]

Little League Accident Claim Form 

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