Softball Divisions

This section describes the variety of softball programs that WWLL offers. WWLL wants you and your children to get the most out of our programs and to enjoy the sport. If you have any questions about the softball programs, please contact the Vice President of Softball.

Beginner Softball

Rookies Softball is for Kindergarten, First and Second grade players some with at least one year of mini tee ball experience. This is the next step up from Mini Tee Ball for the softball players. A fun atmosphere is maintained while working on skills. Players will participate in official games. No scores or standings are recorded. It is a fun instructional league with emphasis on continued skill development. Batters will hit against coaches’ pitching. Players will learn to hit a moving ball, assist in a putout at a base and play with most of the basic Little League Softball rules. Players should feel comfortable with a ball thrown or hit to them and be able to protect themselves with their glove.

Games will take place on Saturdays with a few games during the week and possibly 1-2 games against other towns within our district.  The Saturday sessions will consist of one hour of instruction from Pat Cleary followed by a game.  The combination of skills development and game play have been very beneficial.  There will be a group practice once each week.

Minor League

Minors Softball is for 3rd graders (mostly 9 and 10 year old players and some advanced 8 year old players will play up.  Minors Softball takes the game to the next level, introducing more advanced skills and a more competitive environment. Players will participate in official games, leading to a playoff to determine a Minors league champion. Player pitching is introduced, with coaches pitching instead of issuing walks.  Players are taught and are allowed to steal bases.  Minors plays with a regulation 11" softball.  Games are played on most Saturdays as well as one game per week, usually on a Tuesday or Thursday with some Fridays. There will be a group practice once each week.

Major League

Majors Softball is for 11 and 12 year old players. 10 year old players may be permitted to play Majors based on a tryout and available roster spots. Team assignment is by draft only, and all Majors players will participate in a "workout" for the Majors managers in February.  10 year old players who are interested in playing Majors must register for Minors, but will be able to indicate their interest in playing Majors within the Minors registration system.

This is a competitive league with scores and standings. Games are played by official Little League rules with minor local modifications. Majors softball is 100% player pitch. There will be two games and periodic practices or clinics during the regular season. Games will be on Mondays and Wednesdays and possibly Fridays. Majors teams also play several interleague games per season against other NJ District 12 teams and will travel to other area towns for some of these games. There will be a group practice once each week.

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