Tee Ball


The WWLL Tee Ball league is a great way to introduce your son or daughter to baseball.  Please see the note below regarding children that are 6 years old that desire to play Tee Ball. 

Players will learn the game, hit the ball from stationary tee, run the bases, be taught proper throwing and catching techniques, and HAVE FUN WITH THE TEAM.  Each team is run by volunteer coaches that are required to attend coaching clinics and follow all the safety guidelines so that your child plays in a productive and safe environment. The WWLL Tee Ball league has an excellent record, with thousands of players having gone through the league and playing baseball or softball for many years.

The Tee Ball league meets early Sunday mornings allowing children to participate in both soccer and Tee Ball if desired.  They meet for approximately an hour which consists of a practice session with your team and coaches followed by a short game with the other team.  Each game lasts 2 or 3 innings, and in each inning, all players on one team bat while the other team is in the field, and then the teams switch. NO SCORES ARE KEPT and there are NO OUTS. A parent can request to have their child play with friends. The smiles on your kids face after they get a hit and score a run are priceless.

Note Regarding 6-year-olds: You should choose this league for your 6-year-old if: (a) they have had no prior experience with organized baseball; or (b) they need reinforcement of basic skills -- i.e., if they cannot hit successfully off tee, or cannot catch with a baseball glove.  Otherwise, 6 year olds should play in the Rookie division.

Special note to Parents of Tee Ball players: Please strongly consider volunteering to manage or coach your child’s tee ball team. Do not let lack of coaching experience stand in the way--coaching clinics and instruction manuals will be made available.
Please forward questions to [email protected].

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