Little League Baseball and Softball in West Windsor Plainsboro and Cranbury NJ

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West Windsor Little League
Board Meeting Minutes
February 8,  2011 -- DRAFT


In attendance: Executive Board: Ellen Vogt, Jacqui  Stein, Sean Bluni, Bill Kramer, Chris Thornton,  Kim Strype,  Shawn Panson.
Others in attendance: Kevin Chapman, Steve Litchenstein, Mick Callahan,  Blane Soper, Linda DeMilt, Ted Phalen, Brad Mitchell.

The January  minutes  were approved.

Copies of Financial Reports were distributed and the monthly bank statement was made available to anyone who would like to review it. Cash position is strong as it always is at the beginning of the year. Additionally, the loan money for the installation of the lights is still in our account. Expenses were high due to all the work that was done at Ward. Income from spring baseball registration is slightly behind  year to date.  The League's Tax Return was completed and a copy was made available for anyone to review.

Registration- Linda
A registration comparison chart was handed out . Overall we are down 100 players from this time last year. We usually pick up more players in the next few weeks. We did receive more inquiries after the Monday morning email.

Baseball- Chris
Everything went well in the Majors workout and draft. The teams are scheduled for practices in the indoor facility. Opening Day will be April 4 and the season concludes on June 11. Sean is working on the game schedule. The Tournament of Champions will be played on June 17 & 18. Last year our team made it into the semi-finals and the year before won the tournament.

The Minors Coordinators, Shawn Panson and Brian O'Leary are making phone calls to the boys who have not yet signed up for minors. Hopefully we will get a few more boys. We are looking to have 7 teams with 11 boys on a team.  Workout scheduled for February 26.

The date for the  Indoor Facility Coaches Clinic has yet to be determined. Once scheduled all baseball and softball managers/coaches or candidates to be managers/coaches should attend.

We are still working on the 50/70 Team. Bill Bethea  is willing to manage the team. We will verify how many boys we have signed up and get more information sent out.  This is open to 11/12 year old boys. Planning to practice once a week and with games being held on Sunday. 
Softball- Bill
We had our Coordinators meeting last night. We are still short a Majors Coordinator and will make another round of calls to see if any interest. Both the Minors and Rookies Coordinators are covered. 

Coaches Clinic to be held on the following dates:  2/27, 3/6, 3/13.

Majors Placement Workouts will be held on 2/26 and 3/1. Softball will be stressing communication . (Addressing expectations and trying to deal with any issues in advance.)  

Players Clinic will be held on 3/20 with a rain date of 3/27.

Background Checks- Jacqui
Jacqui is waiting to receive the completed volunteer forms. As stated before, no one will be getting their volunteer bond back if a form is not completed and given to Jacqui.

We will update the rule changes regarding composite bats on our website and include a list of approved bats.  Managers may have to be in charge of monitoring the bats during games to make sure only approved bats are used.

Safety Clinics will be held on the following dates: 3/3,Safety Clinics will be held on the following dates: 3/3, 3/13, 3/23. Please check website to see where they are being held.

We have 23/24 Cadets and 16/7 Veteran umpires signed up at this time. Training starts this Friday for the Cadets. Discussion on having two youth umpires at the minors games and an adult on the field.

The sponsors for majors softball and baseball are complete. We are still looking for additional sponsors for the other levels.

Indoor Facility
Reviewed rules for use of the Indoor Facility. Clean up after yourself, lock door on your way out and managers cards are for team use only not personal use.

We need to refine our policies on indoor usage. We will conference call with Bill Bethea and Jackie Sasko this week and follow up with a call to Paul St. Amour.

Meeting Adjourned:  9:25