Little League Baseball and Softball in West Windsor Plainsboro and Cranbury NJ

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West Windsor Little League
Board Meeting Minutes
January  11, 2011

In attendance: Executive Board: Ellen Vogt, Jacqui  Stein, Sean Bluni, Bill Kramer, Chris Thornton,  Kim Strype,  Shawn Panson.
Others in attendance: Kevin Chapman, Steve Litchenstein, Mick Callahan, David Morales, Dan Weber, Mark Pasquerella, Blane Soper.

The December minutes  were approved.

Copies of  Financial Statements were distributed.  As a best practice bank statements from PNC will be made available at the meetings for anyone who wishes to review the detailed statements. Income from both baseball and softball spring registration is consistent with the same point in the prior year. We are in the same spot that we were last year with Sponsors at this point and time. Overall profit is decreased over the prior year by the expenses incurred in connection with the renovation and maintenance work at Ward. 

Registration is coming along. At year end we had 297 players registered versus 320 from last year end. On January 15 the late fee will start for everyone but T-Ball registrants.

Player Agent-Jacqui
We will now need original birth certificates and three proofs of residency. We will make copies of the birth certificates and hand them back. We will look into what proof of residency will be acceptable.

Baseball- Chris
Everything is going well. There will be 6 teams in the majors. There was a group of players that played in minors last year but are not interested in playing majors feeling it's too competitive.  The 50/70 team may be an alternative for them.

Softball- Bill
Registration numbers are not as high as we would like them to be. We have two league managers but still looking for another one. Another round of clinics will be starting on Sunday. The District meeting for softball will be held tomorrow night .

Background Checks- Jacqui
We will be using a new background system called Nexxus and it is no longer self registering.  A Little League Volunteer Form will need to be downloaded and filled out. Once completed and returned to Jacqui, she will register the volunteer for a background check.
We are ordering new baseball and softballs. Also, looking for a caged helmets for softball.

A discussion ensued regarding the use of Heart Guards. It was decided that we would continue to look into it and check Little Leagues stance on them.

Eleven have signed up on the site so far. Looking to send an email to all past players that are now of age to be umpires to see if any interest. Also, reach out to HS guidance counselors to recruit more umpires. Will need time at the indoor facility on a Saturday morning in March to hold a mini clinic. Also, quickly speak with Majors/Minors/AAA managers before draft regarding conduct and explain concept of game coordinators.  Meeting with the softball managers to review this as well.

Still looking for sponsors. We did have 6/7 parents calling up sponsors to fulfill their volunteer bond for this coming season. Nick Shiera is working with some people regarding sponsorship at Community Park.

Indoor Facility
We replaced old chairs. We will be having it cleaned on a monthly basis.

Meeting adjourned: 9:00