Little League Baseball and Softball in West Windsor Plainsboro and Cranbury NJ

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West Windsor Little League
Board Meeting Minutes
September 14, 2010

In attendance:
Executive Board: Andy Lupo, Ellen Vogt, Chris Thornton, Jacqui  Stein, Shawn Panson, Ron Russel l, Kim Strype

Others in attendance: Bill Kramer, Sean Bluni, Nick Shiera, Mario Diaz, Steve Lichtenstein, Blane Soper, Rich Devlin, Tom Musmanno, Paul St. Amour, Pete Leland, Dana Panson

The minutes from the last two meetings were approved.

Financials (Shawn)
Treasurer gave report and provided Financial Statements  to those in attendance.  Sending more bonds out in the mail this week. We are in a good strong cash position going into next year.

General Election
Andy explained the procedure on voting. The slate was announced and unanimously voted on. The WW Little League Board for 2010-2011 is as follows:

  • President:  Ellen Vogt
  • VP of Baseball: Chris Thornton
  • VP of Softball: Bill Kramer
  • VP of Operations: Sean Bluni
  • Treasurer: Shawn Panson
  • Player Agent: Jacqui Stein
  • League Information Officer: Larry Charlip
  • Board Member at Large: Andy Lupo
  • Secretary: Kim Strype

Softball (Bill)
Fall ball is in full swing.  Majors is close to being maxed out, Minors is maxed out and there was not enough interest in Rookies. Jackie from Game Time Performance in Hamilton will be running clinics. In October/November we will be holding free pitching clinics. We will also be holding paid clinics run by HS North Softball Players as a fund raiser for their school team. Jackie will be getting together with the HS girls in order to have a consistent method of training. Registration for clinics should be open in two weeks.

Softball Day will be held on October 16 from 2:30-5 at WWCP which includes free clinics.
Baseball (Chris)
We are in recruiting mode for Coordinators. Sean Bluni will be a Majors Coordinator. Fred Maresca will be a Minors Coordinator. Ron Forest will be a AAA Coordinator.  Brian O'Leary will help between the Minors and AAA as a second Coordinator. Trying to project the number of teams for majors next year,  probably between 6 or 7.  In October , Steve Litchenstein  will  be coordinating  free development lessons for minors to work on proper throwing  and catching techniques.

Player Development (Ellen)
Will be using Bill Bethea with the with the younger ages. We may use someone out of Cranbury Indoor facility for older players. The emphasis will be to improve all ages from 5-12 years old.

Fall Ball (Steve)
We have 7 teams which is 1 fewer than last year. The first weekend went well. The program will give some players more opportunities that they may not have had in the regular season.

Website (Bill)
We are ready to switch over to the new site within the next 7 days. We are happy with the new system and will save $5,000 a year by using the new site.
Field Maintenance and Projects
We have replaced the wood on the softball bleachers. We are committed to replace the softball scoreboard. We are waiting on the field lights before going ahead with installing the batting cages at Community Park. Once the bidding is awarded for the installation of the lights, it should move ahead very quickly. Our goal is to have all of this completed by Opening Day in April.
A reminder to the fall ball participants about properly  taking care of the fields. (watering the pitcher's mound before covering with tarp.)

Indoor Facility
Paul St. Amour will be handling the scheduling of the indoor facility. We discourage all food in the indoor facility.

Baseball Field Scheduling
Susan Bluni will be taking over the outdoor scheduling for baseball.

Meeting adjourned: 9:05