Little League Baseball and Softball in West Windsor Plainsboro and Cranbury NJ

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West Windsor Little League
Board Meeting- Minutes
March 11, 2008
In attendance: Executive Committee Members: Ellen Vogt, Chris Thornton, Kevin Chapman, Andy Lupo.
Others: Dan Weber, Linda DeMilt, Mike Meduski, Suresh Jaswal, Steve Lichtenstein, Rick Betz, Rob Bacall, Fred Maresca, Cliff Bohling, Justin Stein, Audrie Munsch, Jeff Weinberg, Eric Killockey, Larry Charlip, Andrew Klein.
Meeting scheduled to start at 7:30pm.
Call to order 7:45pm by Kevin Chapman (Andy Lupo arrived late).
Approval of Minutes from the February meeting: Approved without opposition.
Treasurer’s report- Ed O’Connor was absent. Andy reported that the coffers are in good shape ($140K) and that we will soon be discussing the new turf for the indoor with the contractor, as well as a few other projects. Ellen Vogt reports that a significant number of families have opted to buy out their volunteer bond, and also a significant number of families have opted to buy out their concession stand duty.
Registration- Linda DeMilt made available the most recent numbers in regards to players and league. All teams have been assigned: T-Ball (12); Girls Rookie (6), Girls Minors (6), Girls Majors (3), AAA (6), Minors (8), Majors (8). We have 90 players in minors, so there is a little room to grow.
            Feedback on the registration system was good, particularly with respect to the ability to register a “family” and not having to re-enter information several times. Note that the web site has the capacity to show each family member’s team assignments, as well as all the other players who are on those teams by clicking on the family member’s name in the registration data. 
Player Agent- Holly was absent. Chris made an appeal that the league needs a new player agent starting next year, when Holly will step down. The earlier we can get a volunteer, the better off we’ll be since Holly will be able to train the person. A transition period would be helpful. Anyone with an idea or nomination should contact Chris or Andy.
Softball-  Jeff Weinberg reported that all teams are formed and the leagues are organized and working well. Working out inter-league play. Majors has 3 teams plus one team from CP that will be playing with us. Minors has 6 teams plus 2 from CP. There is room for 4 more girls in minors.
Baseball-  Rick Betz reported that schedules are being set, practices are ongoing, and the calendar is working. Plan is for a 14-game regular season, then take one week off (for Memorial Day and Sunburst) and then start playoffs. Games during the week will be at 6:45. There will be room for AAA and Rookies to play a game on Saturday mornings at Ward field.
            The AAA draft is completed and teams are formed. The Minors draft is also completed and teams formed. Rookies are still looking for one more manager. Steve Lichtenstein commented that he thinks that too many 8-year-olds were promoted to AAA this year. Chris Thornton confirmed that a decision was made to change the protocol this year based on parent requests. We still have only enough players for 6 teams in AAA.
            T-ball teams have been notified and formed. Coach clinic will be scheduled. (Bob Sacco will organize.)
            Note that schedules for this year include no games for Sunburst soccer Saturday. Conover fields will be clogged with cars and spectators. It may be possible to move some games to ward field, which will be dark for majors.
Coordinators for Ward Field. Chris Thornton reported on a plan for this season to have Board Members pull shifts at Ward Field (1-2 per) to be the “designated Board member” for the night. The Board members will make observations, make sure games get started on time, and be a visible presence at the field, including noting any improper behavior by managers, players, or spectators. Board members will also instruct high school kids working the concession stand to pick up the trash, etc. (So far, just an idea.)
Manager Evaluations. Chris Thornton reports that the league is still looking for ideas for ways to get more parents to submit manager evaluation forms. The league wants more feedback in order to evaluate managers for future years, all-star assignments, etc. This includes positive as well as negative feedback. One idea is to hand out forms at photo day, and to have blank forms available at the concession stand at Ward with a drop box for responses.
Umpires – Kevin reports that youth umpire training program has been successful, with more than 30 new umpires this year. We will have on-line evaluation forms for managers and coaches to submit feedback on the performance of the youth umps. Board members should feel free to check out the ump evaluation form and give Kevin feedback.
Big Brothers/Sisters. Larry reports that we have 33-35 kids registered. We’re currently assigning teams. Have some older kids who want to work with Minors teams, which should be fine. Program is going strong.
Sponsorship Ellen noted that sponsorships are still available. All majors and minors teams are accounted for. Some comments at the meeting about ideas for new sponsors.
Equipment Dan and Rob report that all is on schedule. Majors and Minors Bags are ready and will be distributed soon, including some right after the meeting. Coordinators will be notified when bags are ready for each division.  Discussion of recent order of new catcher’s mask/helmet combinations. More dimpled balls have been ordered for the indoor.
Al & Al Clinic. March 15. Have 76 coaches signed up. Very nice. Ellen has secured volunteers to hand out tickets for morning and afternoon sessions.
Safety Clinics. March 19th is the district safety clinic at Nottingham. March 26th in HTRBA. All leagues are encouraged to have coaches attend.
Indoor Facility-   Clinics are winding down. Teams are being slotted for indoor practice time. Please be patient as there is much demand.
Background Checks. Ellen Vogt will handle checks for coaches and managers. Leagues must submit names so that Ellen can figure out whether they need a new background check.
TrentonThunder Day. May 16th will be our day this year. Tickets are on sale via the web site.
North/South Softball game. May 15th. All softball will be dark that night so the girls can attend the big game.
Concessions. Andy reports that the concession stand set-up for the season is going fine. Have lots of kids signed up for concession manager duty. Will have no problem filling up the High School volunteers for the season.
Website- Ellen, Justin, and Andrew reported. Schedules are being put up on the site, but are not published to the public yet. It was suggested that the basic information about the leagues, including age divisions and costs, should be posted somewhere on the site for reference by the public. 
Note that the web site wants pictures of players during the 2008 season to be posted. A montage of 2007 pictures is up on the web site.
Justin advised that we will turn on a feature that will allow officials to be posted along with games. But, the site has no capability to show stats, including pitch counts.
Memorial Day Parade. We will be marching on Memorial Day as always. Stay tuned for more information.
Public Comment – None.
Meeting adjourned on motion at 9:20 p.m.
Note that Spring Clean-up Day at Ward Field is Saturday, March 29