Little League Baseball and Softball in West Windsor Plainsboro and Cranbury NJ

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West Windsor Little League
Board Meeting- Minutes
April 22, 2008
In attendance: Executive Committee Members: Ellen Vogt, Chris Thornton, Kevin Chapman, Andy Lupo, Ron Russell, Holly Schemitz.
Others: Dan Weber, Linda DeMilt, Mike Meduski, Suresh Jaswal, Steve Lichtenstein, Rob Bacall, Fred Maresca, Jeff Weinberg, Larry Charlip,Tom Carroll, Nick Schiera, Brian O’Leary, Frank Pilkiewicz.
Meeting scheduled to start at 7:30pm.
Call to order 7:30pm by Andy Lupo.
Approval of Minutes from the March meeting: Approved without opposition.
Treasurer’s report- Ed O’Connor was absent.
Registration- Linda DeMilt made available the most recent numbers in regards to players and league. All teams have been assigned and registration is closed. 
Softball- Ron Russell reported. There is an urgent need to turn on the sprinkler system for Kelly Field. There was an issue in Plainsboro in which managers from both teams (WW and CP) confronted a 14-year-old youth umpire after the game. CPLL is addressing the issue with its managers. Andy and Holly will be reviewing the incident from the WWLL side. Ron reported that both managers were on good behavior in their next games.
            Ron reports that the umpire-in-chief for softball has told the league that he cannot umpire any games unless all the teams are registered with the ASA. So, we either need to get our teams registered, or find a different umpire.
            Note that Linda DeMilt has volunteered to be the coordinator for youth umpires for softball. Any trained umps should contact Linda for assignments.
Baseball- Chris reported that all is going well for baseball.
            The league has decided to start AAA level games played at Ward Field at 6:30 rather than 6:45 so that the younger kids get done earlier. Also, AAA rules are being modified to allow only 1 steal of home per inning. Also, time limits for Majors games is being extended to 2:00 Monday – Friday. Note that when games go late, both teams should assist with post-game field maintenance so that everyone can get out of there before it gets too late. Also, note that all majors managers have agreed to an understanding that there will not be any intentional walks during the regular season.
Player Agent- Holly reported that there have been concerns raised at the AA level because of perceived imbalances between ability levels from team to team. She suggests that next year we include a line for “years played” for players at this level so that the league can know whether an 8-year-old is in his first year of play or 3rd year of play. Note that the league in the past has not attempted to “balance” strength of teams at AA level.
Web Site. Ellen reports that the web site is doing fine. Working on having the ability to post umpire assignments and pitch counts. May have that for next year. Note that merc. Sales are sold out of batting helmets. Discussion about whether to order more and which brand and what price point to put them at on the site.
Umpires – Kevin reports that there are a large number of working youth umps – so much so that some are complaining that they are not getting as much work as they want. Kevin will advise all umps that softball assignments are available. Some discussion of putting 3 umps on minors games, but tabled pending analysis of finances for that.  Kevin will inquire about whether surrounding towns need youth umps. Kevin reports that the on-line evaluation forms for managers and coaches is up and running. Asks that coordinators instruct managers to please fill out the evaluations after each game.
Safety. All forms and reports are on the web site. Managers must be reminded to fill out an accident/incident report after any injury for insurance purposes. The forms must be sent to Williamsport.
            Note that players continue to swing bats outside the batting cages at Ward Field. All coordinators are instructed to tell their managers to police this during BP.
Big Brothers/Sisters. Larry reports that we have 37-38 kids registered. We’re currently assigning teams. Have some older kids who are working as assistant coaches for Minors teams, which should be fine. Program is going strong. Need to make sure that all kids who are serving in “coaching” roles are registered with the program.
Sponsorship Under control. A few sponsors may not have had teams assigned to them. Looking for more sign sponsors still.
Equipment Dan report that all is well. All teams have equipment. Next step will be to weed out old equipment in the monster and donate it somewhere.
Concessions. Going well. Buy-out program is still a success.
Indoor Facility-   Demand for time is slowing now that the weather is better. Looking at options for replacing the turf inside the facility.
Photo Day. Colleen O’Cone is coordinating photo day. Flyers for post-season registration, raffle tickets, and movie night will be handed out on photo day.
Mark your calendars:
Pepsi Pitch, Hit & Run – May 4
High school varisty softball game – North vs. South – May 15
TrentonThunder night – May 16
Movie Night – May 30
Awards Day – June 21st
Memorial Day Parade. League is looking for a volunteer to coordinate the parade. All players and coaches who are in town are encouraged to attend the parade. League plans to hand out water bottles and ice cream again.
Summer Registration. Currently working on getting summer registration up on the web site – both for all-stars and for summer rec ball. We are investigating the possibility of other towns having rec ball programs and possibly having some intra-town games.
Post-Season. Registration for post-season will open May 3. We will be hosting an 8-year-old softball tournament as well as the district final 9 for 10-year-old baseball. Andy notes that the draw for pools for district play will be held May 21.
Post-Season Award Nominations. Holly is looking to get nominations for the Jim Davis, Ingy Cox, and Ciuffani memorial awards. Managers should send nominations to Holly sooner rather than waiting for the end of the season.
Public Comment – Suggestion that we mark the tarps at Ward so that the coaches/managers know which tarp goes on which bases. Some discussion of whether we need the tarps at all, and whether, given their current condition, they are doing more harm than good.
Meeting adjourned on motion at 9:00 p.m.
Next Meeting is May 13th.
Note that mid-season clean-up day at Ward is Sunday, May 18. Anyone who has suggestions about what needs to be done during clean-up day should send thoughts to Andy.