Little League Baseball and Softball in West Windsor Plainsboro and Cranbury NJ

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OCTOBER 5, 2009
 In attendance: Executive Board Members- Ellen Vogt, Jackie Stein, Kim Strype. Absent: Andy Lupo, Chris Thornton, Ron Russell, Shawn Panson.
Others in attendance: Dan Weber, Jeff Weinberg, Bill Kramer, Steve Lichtenstein, Nick Schiera.
Minutes - Approved
Softball (Jeff)
Softball is going well. Ron and Jeff are contacting Stacy Bonner in regards to the fall clinics. They are looking for the clinics to start in November, however, they  are looking for a clinic coordinator.
Baseball (Steve)
Fall Ball is going well. The season will be coming to a close on October 31.
Volunteer Bond
Currently looking to verify their volunteer duties for people still looking for refunds.
Nothing to update at this time.
Indoor Facility
Andy working on new system. We will be working with a new company and new cards will be issued.  More details to follow.
Equipment ( Dan)
We have received all the equipment back from the spring season.
We are looking to keep the fees the same as last year. Need to check with Shaun, Andy and Chris to see if they are in agreement. If agreed  registration will start November 1. We will advertise an early registration discount ( if registered by January 5, you will receive a $50 discount).
The league will put up signs to advertise registration, flyers will be distributed to the schools , ads in newspapers and ad in WWP Today. Will even have additional flyers going to the schools before winter break as a reminder. 
Trenton Thunder Game
We discussed if we wanted to do it again as the last couple of years attendance was lacking. Decided to hold it again but pick a date early.  Notify schools so that maybe we can avoid any scheduling of school events being held on same night. We are looking at Friday, May 15.
Post Season
All in agreement that we need to have a discussion regarding post season and what type of teams do we want to put forward. ( competitive vs a place for everyone to play)
Adjourned: 8:30