Little League Baseball and Softball in West Windsor Plainsboro and Cranbury NJ

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West Windsor Little League
Board Meeting Minutes
June 8,  2010
In attendance: Executive Board: Andy Lupo, Ellen Vogt, Chris Thornton, Jacqui  Stein, Ron Russell, Shawn Panson, Kim Strype
Others in attendance: Larry Charlip, Bill Kramer,  Chris Siegler, Rob Goldstein, Dana Panson, Jeff Weinberg, Sean Bluni, Dan Weber
May minutes were approved.
Financials ( Shawn)
Treasurer gave report and provided a Balance Sheet and Income Statement to those in attendance.
Softball  ( Ron)
Playoffs have started. Bill Kramer was named the Post Season Coordinator. We do not do the 8 year old tournament as we didn’t have enough for  a team. We have 11 girls registered for the 9 year old team. As of today we only have 7 registered for the 10 year old team. We will make a final pitch to see if we can get additional players to make up a 10 year old team. We have 14 players signed up for the 12 year old team. There will be a tryout this weekend.
Baseball (Chris)
The Tee Ball awards night will be held this Friday night at Ward Field. Everyone seemed to be enjoying Tee Ball. Everything seemed to go well in A and AA. In AAA there was a big improvement from the first games of the season to the last. In Minors the playoff games have started.  In the Majors there were three playoff games this evening.  So far the games have been close. This Saturday will be the last day of pool play.
West Windsor will be hosting the championship rounds of the Tournament of Champions starting this Friday night. Our West Windsor team , the PNC Bank Phillies will be playing this Friday night at 7:30. Bill Kramer has updated our website with the brackets and details of the Tournament of Champions.  An email will be sent out to remind everyone to come out and support our team.
Player Agent ( Jacqui)
No major conflicts. The manager/coaches evaluations need to be filled out. An email will be sent out to remind everyone of this.
Web Site (Bill)
We are at the end of the 30 day trial with the new system. ( League Athletics) The system is working well and a payment of $995 is due this week. Recapped the systems features and flexibility. We will continue to use Demosphere through the summer. We will use League Athletics for the fall registration.
The same kids are coming and the more they umpire the better they have gotten. Mike Curran did a good job.
Big Brother/ Big Sister ( Larry)
It was a successful year.   There were 35 kids participating in the program. Larry is inviting them to come to Awards Day. If they were new to the program they were assigned to a younger age group. If they requested he would try to assign them to an older age group but that meant more commitment.
Post Season
The following are the managers of the post season teams:
12 year old District Team- Brian O’Leary
12 year of Tournament Team- Bob Bellotti
11 year old District Team- Ted Phelan
10 year old District Team- Steve Lichtenstein
10 year old Tournament Team - TBD
8 year old Tournament Team- Sean Bluni
8 year old Tournament Team- Rob Dunn
We are looking for a manager for the 7 year old team.
Awards Day
The Awards Day for Tee Ball is this Friday night , June 11. The general awards will take place on June 19.
Memorial Awards
The nominations will be given out to be voted on in the next day or two.
Scholarships will be given out this Wednesday and Thursday night. We will invite the winners to the Awards Day.
Fall Ball
Flyers are ready to go out. We will have sign ups sometime in July.
We need to continue to remind everyone to drop off their tickets at the concession stand.
Safety Report
 A reminder that any injuries need to be reported.
Also, located in the concession stand is a lightening tracking device. It will tell you approximately how far away the lightening is. This can be used if the weather is overcast and you would like to see if there is any lightening in the area  that you may not be able to see yet and how far off it is.
Nothing to report at this time.
Equipment ( Dan)
Softball needs new helmets. In baseball we need to check on the need for catchers equipment and first aid kits. We may need more balls for next season but have enough for post season.
Post Season Tournaments to be held at WARD
-10 year old Baseball Final 6
-10 year old Softball Final 4
We are committed to getting a new softball scoreboard. It should be ready by post season.
Planning on updating the pictures at the indoor facility. Dana Panson has volunteered to take pictures at games so we can update at indoor facility and board located on side on concession stand.
We are going to find out from the post season managers which tournaments they are planning on doing and post on the website. Also, continue to have the managers post game write ups posted on the site.
Meeting adjourned: 9:10
Next Meeting - September